Industrial rolling mills

Our product range for industrial applications includes single rollers, components, complete systems of different sizes. Depending on requirements, we offer accessories for our rollers such as decoiler and recoiler, strip thickness gauges and straightening devices. The rolling machine program comprises rolling mills with roll widths from 160 mm to 500 mm, as 2-high or 4-high rolling mills. Our industrial rolling mills are used by private and State Mints, the jewellery industry and dental gold producers, manufacturers of semi-finished products for all rollable metals, at research institutes, in universities and colleges and universities. The drive capacities of the various systems are based on according to the purpose of our customer.

    Our duo (2-high) rolling mills

  • Rolling Mill K130-200 Sheet Rolling Mill

    K120/160 - K130/200

    Roll dimensions: ∅ 120 x 160 mm / ∅ 130 x 200 mm

    Weight: 600 kg - 1030 kg

    Figure: K130/200 Sheet Rolling Mill

  • K130/130 Servo

    Roll dimensions: ∅ 130 x 130mm

    Weight ca. 1330 kg

    Figure: K130/130 Sheet Rolling Mill

    Rolling Mill K130-130 Sheet Rolling Mill

  • Rolling Mill K200-200 Sheet Rolling Mill

    K200/200 - K200/300

    Roll dimensions: ∅ 200 x 200 mm / ∅ 200 x 300 mm

    Weight: 3980 kg - 4200 kg

    Figure: K200/200 Sheet Rolling Mill

  • K250/300

    Roll dimensions: ∅ 250 x 300 mm

    Weight: 7700 kg

    Figure: K250/3000 Sheet Rolling Mill

    Rolling Mill K250-300 Sheet Rolling Mill

  • Rolling Mill K300-300 Sheet Rolling Mill


    Roll dimensions: ∅ 300 x 300 mm

    Weight: 7850 kg

    Figure: K300/300 Sheet Rolling Mill

  • K350/400

    Roll dimensions: ∅ 350 x 400 mm

    Weight: 14500 kg

    Figure: K350/400 Sheet Rolling Mill

    Rolling Mill K350-400 Sheet Rolling Mill

    Our Quarto (4-high) rolling mills

  • Rolling Mill K220-75-300


    Roll dimensions

    Work rolls: ∅ 75 x 300 mm

    Back-up rolls:   ∅ 240 x 300 mm

    Weight of entire system : 12900 kg

    Figure: K220-75-300 with rewinder and decoiler

    Our Duo / Quarto (2-high / 4-high) machines and plants

  • Industriewalzmaschine K300/300-K240-80/300.103

    K300/300 – K240-80/300.103

    Roll dimensions: ∅ 300 x 300 mm

    Work rolls: ∅ 80 x 300 mm

    Back-up rolls: ∅ 240 x 300 mm

    Weight of entire system : 42000 kg

    Figure: Rolling plant with raw-decoiler, straightener, strip shear, rolling mill with 2 coilers and 2 strip thickness measuring devices

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